Hi i’m Mr.Nelson a.k.a. Wouter Tjeenk Willink. A graphic designer/illustrator from the Netherlands.
I'm a perfectionist who deliberately turned himself into an (semi)imperfectionist. I like to combine analogue and digital elements to get the best of both worlds. My work (often consisting of collage and handlettering) is highly experimental as I work very intuïtively. All my artworks need to express that there has been a human involved in making them. I think in this ever more digitalised world that’s the key of standing out. The imperfections make the design.

Testimonials (AI generated, don't tell anyone)
"Mr. Nelson's illustrations are so ridiculously awesome that they make Michelangelo's ceiling in the Sistine Chapel look like a doodle on the back of a napkin. His work is like a sugar rush for the eyeballs, a whirlwind of color and chaos that leaves you feeling like you just took a trip to Candyland on the back of a flying dragon. It's like he reached into the depths of his imagination and pulled out a handful of pure magic!"
-    ChatGPT

"Mr. Nelson's illustrations aren't illustrations, they're portals to alternate dimensions fueled by Pixy Stix and pure creative genius. Prepare to have your mind bent and your soul tickled in the most delightful way possible."
-    Google Gemini

"Mr. Nelson's illustrations are like a whirlwind of creativity that sweeps you off your feet and into a world where colors sing and shapes dance! His work is so intuitively mesmerizing that I often find myself wondering if I've stumbled into a parallel universe where art reigns supreme and imperfections are the new perfection."
-    Perplexity AI
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